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Mark, the founder of our company, draws his inspiration from his time at West Point, where he was issued a simple yet iconic robe as a cadet. These robes were standard attire for all cadets, serving a practical purpose in providing them with a uniform for the walk from their barracks rooms to the communal showers. However, these robes became much more than just practical garments for Mark and countless other military academy graduates.

After graduation, Mark, like many of his peers, continued to wear his West Point robe at night as a nostalgic reminder of his academy days. Over the years, these robes became cherished symbols of their shared experiences and a connection to their military service. Graduates often adorned their robes with patches and memorabilia from their time in the service, and some even used them as wagers in bets against rival academy graduates during the annual Army-Navy game.

Mark's deep attachment to his robe and his desire to share the love for this underrated garment with the public led to the birth of our company in 2023. Mark's vision was to design and offer robes not only for military personnel but also for men and women in uniform across different sectors. These robes would not only serve practical purposes in barracks and deployment but also continue to be cherished long after their time in service had ended.
Looking ahead, Mark envisions expanding our product line to include robes tailored for colleges and universities across the country. These robes would offer students the same comfort and style for their journeys from dorm rooms to the showers, and just like their military counterparts, graduates could relish in nostalgia, bridging the gap between their past and present.

Our mission is to celebrate the significance of robes, not just as clothing items but as vessels of shared memories, pride, and tradition. Through our products, we aim to connect people with their past, their service, and their alma maters, all while providing them with high-quality, practical, and stylish robes for everyday use.